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Web Site Promotion Basics

How to Get Started with Web Promotion

You’ve built your website and want to know how to get started with web promotion. First, have you built your site with search engines in mind? Have you made it easy for spiders to access all pages of your site, and have you made it easy for them to determine the theme of each webpage?

Yes, that’s right, each web page. Search engines like Google look at each web page of your site separately, and not your web site as a whole. It determines the theme of each page in two ways: by your page title which should contain the keyword of the page and be contained in H1 tags, and by the semantic content, or the words you use in the text.

This part of SEO is a totally different subject, and if you are not conversant with how best to optimize your web site in general, and each web page in particular, to be friendly to search engine algorithms, spiders or crawlers, whatever you call them, then you should either rapidly find out, or employ someone to do it for you.

So let’s assume that your website is as optimized for search engines as it is going to be; how do you get started with web promotion? The first step is to get an opt-in form on your home page, and preferably on every page in your site. If you have designed your web site properly, your home page should be a template for every other page, and if you build an opt-in page on your home page, it will be included in every page.

Advertising Strategies For Your Home Based Businesses That Can Increase Your Sales Dramatically

Do you have a successful home based business and want to increase your client base? Are you tired of paying high costs for advertising that never end up paying off? Well, here are the best four advertising strategies for your home based businesses that can increase your sales online dramatically!The first advertising strategy you should use when you are looking to advertise your home based business is to look for your target audience. If you are an interior decorator, determine who wants to change up the look of your house. If you have a home based financial firm, see who needs assistance with their finances most often. These target audiences, also called demographics are going to be very important when you go to purchase advertising. The more demographics that your business targets, the more likely you will be able to pay lower advertising costs and see increase in sales.The second advertising strategy you should use when you are looking to advertise your home based business is to determine that type of advertising you can afford. Not many home businesses can afford a billboard next to a major highway. You may want to start off by advertising your business in a local newspaper, or online. Online advertising for home businesses has skyrocketed recently. Due to the ability to target to select demographics, as well as being able to drill down to a local audience, you can make your conversion rates jump right through the roof!The third advertising strategy you can use is to join the home based business opportunity that has created strong business foundation and survived online for number of years. You will likely learn the advertising ways that are workable and proven to be effective. This will save you from spending your budget on advertising that has been proven to not be effective. Sometimes, you may even be able to barter with another home business owner to help you market your own business!The fourth advertising strategy you should use when you are looking to advertise your home based business is to widen you demographics. Sometimes business owners go in too narrow in their targeting of their advertising. It is possible that someone on the fringes of your demographic may be interested in your business. Try changing the targeting of your demographic and see if you are able to increase your sales. You just might be amazed!Whether you use all of these strategies or only some of them, you should see a dramatic increase in the sales. Make sure that you know your target audience, if you do not, you stand to lose out on a large amount of new clients for your home based business. Keeping your business in the black is important, but you need to always put your customer first to ensure that your business will last!